Capture and Transform
Boost Your Real Estate
Leads by Up To 10 Times

For Lenders, Agents, Investors, Brokers, Solar Installers, Contractors, and other professionals

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Capture & Convert
Up To 10x More Real
Estate Leads.

For Agents, Investors, Lenders, Brokers, Contractors, Solar Installers and more…

real estate
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Of organic website leads fail to convert.

AXTION is here to help you
capture a larger share of the
leads that have already
shown interest in your


Leads generated from paid traffic tend to bounce.

AXTION is here to
significantly boost the ROI of
your paid marketing


Of leads supply inaccurate information.

AXTION ensures precise contact and
property details.

How It Works

When a lead clicks
on your ad

They proceed to
your website or
landing page

However, they do
not submit your form

Our system
promptly detects
and identifies the

Providing you with
their contact and
tracking details


Of organic website leads don’t submit

Axtion will Capture more of the leads that already sought you out


Of leads from paid traffic bounce

Axtion Increases the ROI of your paid marketing campaigns


Of leads submit false information

Axtion will provide accurate contact and property details

How It Works

A lead clicks on your ad

Lead visits your website or

landing page

Lead does not submit

your form

Lead is instantly detected

and identified

Contact & tracking details


Convert Potential
Leads Before Your Competitors Seize The Opportunity!


Roughly 70% of initial website visitors tend to explore 2-3 other websites before making the decision to provide any information. This implies that a significant portion of the leads you've invested in ultimately end up choosing to submit their information on a competitor's site.

AXTION provides you with the capability to seize, engage with, and transform those lost leads that were previously being acquired by your competitors.

Nearly 70% of first time website visitors will go on to visit 2-3 more websites before they decide to submit any information.

That means a majority of the leads you’re already paying for end up submitting on a competitor’s website!

Axtion allows you to capture, contact, and convert those otherwise leads that you were previously losing to your competitors

Compatible With All Marketing Types

Axtion is compatible with various marketing strategies, provided that the desired action is to direct individuals to your website or landing page.

Here are examples of marketing approaches that can reap benefits from utilizing Axtion

  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaigns

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Efforts

  • Text Message Marketing

  • Social Media Advertising

  • Direct Mail Marketing

  • Direct Mail

The truth is, these are leads you're already investing in. Axtion
simply enhances your ability to capture leads who are actively
seeking opportunities to sell, buy, refinance, or renovate their homes

Create Your Marketing

Axtion is your solution for boosting your marketing list with a substantial influx of opt-in email addresses. It seamlessly transforms your abandoned website traffic into valuable leads ripe for your marketing efforts!

What's even more impressive? While the average email open rate across all industries hovers at just 18%, Axtion boasts an impressive average email open rate of 30%.

More opens translate to more sales – and Axtion delivers on that promise!

You may not have realized the extent of your revenue loss.

Ever found yourself desiring the ability to maximize the efficiency of your marketing expenditure? Rather than increasing your marketing budget to generate additional leads and sales, Axtion offers a solution that enables you to capture a significantly greater number of leads using your existing budget

These are the leads you've already invested in but were unable to secure before!

Setting Up Axtion Is A Easy Process

You can have it running smoothly in under 10 minutes!

1. Simply install our script.

2. Effortlessly re-capture lost leads.

3.Easily configure your

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Axtion will increase your website's lead conversion up to 10X by capturing your abandoned website visitors & providing you with their contact information.

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Axtion will increase your

website's lead conversion up to 10X by capturing your

abandoned website visitors & providing you

with their contact information.


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